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Weyn’s Honey Classified

Al of our honeys are named for their botanic or geographical origin.

For more information about the classification used below, return to ‘classification’.

Type Name Geographical Origin
Monofloral Solid Strawberry Tree Portugal
  Apple Blossom Canada
  Buckwheat China
  Blueberry Canada
  Blackberry France
  Lemon Spain
  Thistle Italy
  Eucalyptus Uruguay
  Raspberry Canada
  Honeysuckle Italy
  Clover Canada/Italy
  Coffee Blossom El Salvador
  Rapeseed Lithuania 
  Coriander Bulgaria
  Lavender Spain
  Linden Bulgaria
  Melon Italy
  Dandelion Italy
  Provencal Lavender France
  Rosemary Spain
  Thyme Spain/New Zealand
  Ulmo Chile
  Watermelon Spain
  Sunflower Bulgaria
Monofloral Liquid Acacia Hungary
  Almond Spain
  Chestnut Spain/Italy
  Quillaya Chile
  Rhododendron France
  Sage Spain
  Thyme Spain
Polyfloral Solid Mountain Guatemala
  Belgian Beekeeper Belgium
  Wild Flower Bulgaria
  Heath France
  Jungle Brazil
  Clover-Sunflower Canada-France
  Spring EU/Non-EU
  Forest Australia (Tasmania)
  Yucatan Mexico
  Summer EU/Non-EU
Polyfloral Liquid Baker's EU/Non-EU
  Mountain Spain
  Wild Flower Bulgaria
  Garrigue France
  Heath  France
  Caterer Hungary-Bulgaria
  Yucatan Mexico
Honeydew Pine Turkey
  Oak Spain
  Forest Spain
  Fir Poland