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Propolis is manufactured by bees by mixing tree resin and wax. Bees protect themselves against bacteria and fungi with propolis. The term 'propolis' is derived from Greek, meaning 'for the city'.

Propolis is consumed by humans as a natural dietary supplement.

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Propolis Lipstick € 4,50 Propolis sweets € 4,90 Propolis chew pieces 15g € 6,50
Propolis powder € 6,90 Honey with propolis 125g € 7,00 Propolis syrup 200ml € 7,00
Propolis toothpaste 75ml € 7,50 Propolis Dropper 20ml € 8,00 Propolis syrup 500ml € 15,90
Propolis-Vitamin C capsules € 32,80