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Colour and Taste of the Honey

Depending on the kind of flower from which the nectar was extracted, the taste, colour and aroma of the honey will vary.

There is a relationship between the colour and the flavour of the honey. One rule of thumb is that pale and clear honeys have a soft, delicate taste, while honey with a dark colour tends to have a sharper, more pronounced taste.

The colour of the honey can also be acquainted with the season in which it was harvested:

  • Honey harvested in spring represents light, clear colours:
    e.g. Spring Honey, Acacia Honey, Clover Honey
  • In summer, honey harvested has a cheery yellow colour with fruity flavours:
    e.g. Sunflower Honey, Summer Honey
  • Honey harvested in autumn tends to be darker and sharper in taste:
    e.g. Heath Honey

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