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1. Creation and acceptance of the agreement

1.1. In this agreement the user can find the contractual terms regarding a) the use of the webshop of Weyn’s Honingbedrijf LLC and b) the orders which he is considering to place at that moment in the webshop of Weyn’s Honingbedrijf LLC.

1.2. By visiting the webshop of Weyn’s Honingbedrijf LLC, or by placing an order, the user declares himself in agreement with the content of these terms and conditions, and a new agreement is closed with every new order that is placed.

1.3. Weyn’s Honingbedrijf LLC has the right to change the clauses of the agreement. The mere publishing of the agreement on the website by Weyn’s Honingbedrijf LLC counts as notice of the changes.

1.4. Other conditions will never be applicable, unless Weyn’s Honingbedrijf LLC gives written permission in advance giving permission for the deviating clauses.

1.5. The user acknowledges that by accepting the terms and conditions that he a) had the possibility to read the terms and conditions prior to accepting them b) had the possibility to negotiate them clause by clause and c) had the possibility to save or print them.

1.6. The user accepts that proof of his acknowledgement of the terms and conditions can come forth from the acceptance of the agreement by the user.

2. Concepts

2.1. The webshop of Weyn’s Honingbedrijf LLC: the website www.weynshoning.be or www.weyns-honing.com of Weyn’s Honingbedrijf LLC, which can be found at 323 Gentseweg, 9120 Beveren, Belgium.

2.2. Customer: Every natural or legal person, able to act in a competent manner and more than 18 years of age, placing an order for Weyn’s Honingbedrijf LLC.

2.3. Order: The application of a customer to close a sales agreement between Weyn’s Honingbedrijf LLC and the customer of the webshop of Weyn’s Honingbedrijf LLC regarding the products that are on offer at www.weynshoning.be or www.weyns-honing.com

2.4. Products: All goods that are on offer for purchase at www.weynshoning.be or www.weyns-honing.com.

2.5. Transaction: The actions, safety requirements, authorization processes and agreements inherent to the payment of products which are ordered by credit card or any other means of virtual transaction through the site.

2.6. Product page: The page on www.weynshoning.be or www.weyns-honing.com where all product information (price, description,…) and potential accompanying pictures can be consulted.

3. Customer

3.1. Every visitor of the website has the possibility to register as a user, after which he can place an order.

3.2. After registration, the access granted to the webshop of Weyn’s Honingbedrijf LLC is strictly personal and reserved for competent persons of age.

3.3. The user complies not to pass on his log in information to third parties, to avoid abuse.

3.4. Weyn’s Honingbedrijf LLC has the right to impose extra identification measures.

3.5. In case of (suspected) unlawful use or fraud, Weyn’s Honingbedrijf LLC reserves the right to cancel the registration of the user, notwithstanding the right of Weyn's Honingbedrijf LLC to recover damages from the user.

4. Important notice before ordering honey, royal jelly, propolis or pollen

4.1. The information provided by Weyn’s Honingbedrij LLC has been composed with care and is actualized and checked regularly, yet is solely informative. It never replaces a diagnosis or advice of a medical professional (for example when using food supplements like royal jelly, propolis and pollen or the consumption of honey as a diabetic), because Weyn’s Honingbedrijf LLC can never be aware of the full medical history of each user.

4.2. If the user doubts the suitability of a certain product, Weyn’s Honingbedrijf LLC formally advises not to order the product, cancelling the order or – in case the product has already been delivered – discontinuing use of the product until a doctor has been consulted.

5. Important notice before placing an order (general)

5.1. Weyn’s Honingbedrijf LLC gathers and keeps information about previously placed orders of the user, yet this information is only used for logistic reasons (replenishing the stock for example).

6. Order

6.1. All information provided by the customer to Weyn’s Honingbedrijf LLC (entering data essential to placing the order) is binding. Weyn’s Honingbedrijf LLC can not be held responsible in any way for erroneous data concerning place of delivery or any other information. Weyn’s Honingbedrijf LLC can not be held responsible for delayed delivery or the impossibility of delivering the products all together.

6.2. The automatic registration systems offer an innate proof of the content and date of the order placed.

6.3. After receiving the order request, Weyn’s Honingbedrijf LLC sends the customer the acceptance of the order by sending a confirmation to the e-mail address given by the customer during the registration of his or her order. However, the sale will not be closed until the order has been sent.

6.4. In general, and without further explanation needed, Weyn’s Honingbedrijf LLC reserves the right to decline or cancel any order, including in case of problems with the payment of the order or a dispute concerning a previous order.

6.5. The order Is not final until a) Weyn’s Honingbedrijf LLC accepts it and b) the customer has paid the complete amount including the shipping costs to Weyn’s Honingbedrijf LLC, conform to the agreed upon method of payment.

6.6. Most products are in stock. In case an ordered product is not immediately in stock , Weyn’s Honingbedrijf LLC will inform the customer of the delay via email. In case the customer is not in agreement, he or she can change his or her order or even cancel it completely, in which case a complete refund will be made.

7. Price

7.1. The price is always in euro and includes VAT. The price mentioned on the product page does not correspond with costs related to transport.

7.2. The price mentioned on the order confirmation is the definitive price, conveying all involved costs and including VAT. This price contains the product price, the handling costs, the costs of packaging and stocking the products and the transport costs.

7.3. Weyn’s Honingbedrijf LLC reserves the right to change the price at any moment, but products are billed based on the valid rates at the time of the registration of the order.

8. Payment

8.1. The price of the goods must be paid in cash by using one of the payment methods offered on the day of the order.

8.2. Protection against fraudulent use of the payment methods used for the transaction is insured by the company Ingenico.

8.3. The order validated by the customer does not become effectual until the company for the secure online payment, Ingenico, has given their agreement to confirm the transaction. In case of refusal, the order will automatically be cancelled and the customer will be given notice via email. 

9. Delivery

9.1. Delivery occurs after confirmation of the order by Weyn’s Honingbedrijf LLC and the acceptance of the payment by the company Ingenico, within 2 workdays after the order was placed within Belgium.

9.2. By placing the order, the customer commits to organizing him or herself for the reception of the goods, all taxes, rights and other current and future costs related to the delivery of the ordered goods. The solidary liability of Weyn’s Honingbedrijf LLC does not come into play.

9.3. Delivery is made mainly by Bpost. No compensation by Weyn’s Honingbedrijf LLC can be claimed in case of late delivery.

9.4. Upon delivery of the ordered goods, the customer or recipient must check the state of the delivered goods and take note of the terms and conditions that were provided to him or her.

9.5. If the package is not received in spite of multiple (2) trips by the carrier to the designated address, the customer will receive notice in his or her mailbox with which he or she can pick up the package in the designated post office.

9.6. The buyer must check the products immediately upon delivery. In case the delivered products do not correspond with the order, show any kind of defect (a break or leak for example), or the order is incomplete, the buyer must notify Weyn’s Honingbedrijf LLC immediately via email (or via the contact form on www.weynshoning.be or www.weyns-honing.com). 

9.7. Customers or recipients of goods will refrain from partial or complete resale of the purchased goods.

10. Reconsideration

10.1. In compliance to the law regarding sale from a distance (law of April 6th, 2010), the customer has the right to distance him or herself from the acquisition without reprimand and without reasoning. The customer has fourteen calendar days, starting from the day of delivery of the ordered goods, to give notice to Weyn's Honingbedrijf LLC of his decision to distance him of herself from the goods. From the day of notification the customer has fourteen calandar days to send them back to Weyn’s Honingbedrijf LLC for exchange or restitution. To receive an exchange or restitution, the customer must return the undamaged goods at his or her own expense in the original packaging (if applicable) to the following address: Weyn’s Honingbedrijf LLC, Gentseweg 323, 9120 Beveren-Waas, Belgium. 

10.2. In case the goods have been returned to Weyn’s Honingbedrijf LL under correct conditions and within the correct term, Weyn’s Honingbedrijf LLC commits to refunding the payment made by the customer, and this without costs (with the exception of the complete delivery cost and an administrative cost of 5 euros). The refund takes place ultimately 30 days after revocation.

11. Warranty

11.1. Weyn’s Honingbedrijf LLC can under no circumstances be held responsible for not respecting the law in the country of receipt. The potential liability of Weyn’s Honingbedrijf LLC is exclusively limited to the value of the product in question, determined on the date of sale.

11.2. Weyn’s Honingbedrijf LLC does not guarantee that this website is free of viruses and/or harmful elements or programs, nor that links from this website to other websites are free of viruses and/or harmful elements or programs, and thus cannot be held responsible for any damages. The reference (link) to other websites does not hold in it a recommendation or warranty for the designated website (e.g. for the correctitude, the availability or for it being free of viruses).

12. Liability

12.1. The liability of Weyn’s Honingbedrijf LLC will in any case be limited to the total amount of the products ordered and can not be held in doubt for small oversights or omissions that occurred in spite of the precautions taken in the presentation of the goods. Photos presented on the website are provided merely as an example. In no case can a change in packaging or the content of a good be called upon in case of deviation in comparison with the photo available on the website. The information provided on the product page is merely indicative.

12.2. Weyn’s Honingbedrijf LLC can in no case be held liable for changing the terms and conditions of use, interrupting or discontinuing the website or parts of the website.

13. Intellectual property rights

13.1. All text, photos, drawings, movies, images, data, e-shop product databank, software, designations, trade and domain names, brands, logos and other parts of Weyn’s Honingbedrijf LLC are protected by intellectual property rights and belong to Weyn’s Honingbedrijf LLC or others.

13.2. It is forbidden to, without prior written consent of Weyn’s Honingbedrijf LLC, save the provided information (more than is required to use the website), reproduce, alter, publish, distribute or send, sell or in any other way convey or grant rights to others, on penalty of indemnification.

14. Protecting the privacy

14.1. Collecting personal data is required by law in case of sale from a distance. To process and send orders correctly, this information is essential. In case of missing or incomplete information, the order can be found invalid.

14.2. When personal data and information is demanded, this information is processed by Weyn’s Honingbedrijf LLC in accordance with the law of December 8th 1992 for the protection of privacy. The user has right of inspection, supervision, correction and the right to delete all his or her information.

15. Nullification

15.1. Both parties recognize that this agreement is balanced, taking into account the mutual rights and obligations. The nullification of one of the clauses (or a part of it) does not imply the nullification of the rest of the clause or agreement. In case a clause proves to be void, the parties commit to negotiate a new clause in good faith which leans as closely as possible to the original agreement.

16. Applicable law and jurisdiction

16.1. For every contestation arising from the use of this site and/or any data on it, Belgian law will be applicable, while in case of dispute the District Court or the court which has jurisdiction over the location of the headquarters of Weyn’s Honingbedrijf LLC will have exclusive jurisdiction.

17. Online dispute platform of the EU

Through this link you will be directed to the online dispute platform of the EU: http://ec.europa.eu/odr