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About Weyn's Honey

In 1968, Weyn’s Honey originated at the hands of Edmond Weyn, a former dairy man from the Flemish “Waasland” region.

Weyn developed a taste for honey and launched his plan in Beveren-Waas, where the first establishment still serves her purpose as production atelier today. Weyn’s Honey succeeded in positioning itself as one of the most important Belgian enterprises in the honey business, something which was made possible thanks to the high standards in terms of quality and respect for the bee, two priorities that have remained in place throughout the years.

Based on this same conviction and with Hugo Willems at the head of our enterprise, Weyn’s Honey has expanded its assortment to over sixty different types of honey!

Our company strives for quality and attempts to resist the mass produce that threatens to disfigure the honey business more and more. We view honey as a delicate agricultural product, for those who really want real honey.

What we do
Our production atelier can be found in Beveren. From here, we distribute to our 5 Weyn's shops, and a variety of other outlets.

Selection and acquisition of the best honeys from all over the world
By importing from various, usually warm countries, we can offer our customers a large variety in taste and colour.

Our honey is purchased in barrels of around 300kg. The honey is analysed and subjected to thorough quality checks. 

Sieving of impurities
Once the honey is out of the barrel, it is sieved. Raw honey contains pieces of honeycomb, bee hairs and sometimes even a wing. The honey is not filtered too finely, to avoid removing the tiny pollen particles which naturally reside in raw honey.


The honey is packaged in jars of 1kg, 500g, 450g (in the case of our organic honey), 250g, 125g and some types of honey even in small jars of 50g. A jar of Weyn's honey has never been overheated, to avoid the destruction of enzymes. We provide a pure honey that is rich in quality.   

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