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Preserving honey

In the right conditions, honey can be kept for many years without losing any of the quality.

How to preserve honey

• In a cool space, for example a dry cellar or a cupboard
• Preferably at a constant temperature, between 10 and 18 degrees
• Avoid direct contact with sunlight or neon light
• Keep the jar firmly closed. Because of its high sugar content, honey absorbs water and odours which can influence the taste.


Crystallisation is a completely natural process which sooner or later occurs in every type of honey. Honey crystallises because over time, it loses it’s soluble capabilities. The glucose in the honey cannot remain dissolved and begins to form crystals.
The crystallisation process is influenced by temperature, time and the frequency in which the honey is stirred. Crystallised honey is not bad and still perfectly edible!

How to liquefy crystallised honey?

Crystallised honey can be made liquid again by warming up the jar in warm water. Make sure the water temperature doesn’t exceed 55°C.

Please note: never do this in a microwave oven as this will overheat the honey!


A solid or cream honey can start “melting” over time. The top layer of cream honey becomes liquid and appears darker. This is also a naturally occurring process that is usually related to the temperature in which the honey is stored.

How to remove?

The liquid layer can simply be stirred into the rest of the honey with a spoon. Keep the honey in a cooler space to avoid this in the future.