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Comb honey

What is comb honey?

  • The most pure of all honeys is comb honey, because it is totally rough and unprocessed (normally people hurtle and sieve the honey before eating).
  • Comb honey is just normal honey in it's natural environment


  • Normally the comb is eaten just like that or some people like it on a hot toast.
  • It makes a great alternative for people who can't tolerate propolis on the stomach.


  • Chew two or three times a day on a pice of comb honey, the size of a tea spoon.


Comb honey is more expensive than honey that is hurteled. The main reason is that the harvesting occurs significantly less frequently. The beekeeper has to cut the combs, so that the bees have to start all over again with building their hive before they can collect new nectar. Normally, when the honey is hurteled and sieved, the beekeeper puts the empty honey combs simply back into the hive.

Weyn's product range

We have two products with comb honey. On the one hand a pure block of honeycomb from New-Zealand, that is simply cut and wrapped. On the other hand we also offer you honeycombs in a jar of Acacia honey.