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Tea Bags

Almost all of our bagged tea is from Or Tea or the German brand Teekanne. Teekanne considers quality to be their top priority, beginning with the tea leaf, all the way to your cup. Teekanne delivers tea bags that have been packaged with the highest care in hermetically sealed boxes to insure the tea's full flavour and aroma. Or Tea is an organic tea brand with a range of Japanese teas in colorful and playful packaging. The sachets in which this quality tea is packed, are made from corn starch (biodegradable).
Each sachet contains, depending on the species, 1.50 - 4g premium loose tea leaves.

Beeee Calm € 11,50 Tiffany's Breakfast € 11,50 Duke's Blues € 11,50
Merry Peppermint € 11,50 Mount Feather € 12,80 Monkey Pinch € 12,80
White Peony € 12,80 Towering Kung Fu € 12,80 Ginseng Beauty € 12,80
Tropicoco € 12,80 Queen Berry € 12,80 Slimming Pu'er € 12,80
EnerGinger € 12,80 La Vie en Rose € 15,90 Dragon Pearl Jasmine € 18,90
Long Life Brows € 18,90