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Organic Honey

Our product range includes around 16 organic honey varieties


To obtain the organic certificate, the honey must meet the following requirements:

  • Organic honey must come from a region where there is no industry, no non-organic agriculture and no highways or motorways within a 5 to 7km radius. The bees gather nectar from nature reserves and from GMO-free crops and plants.
  • Bees hibernate on their own honey, rather than on water with refined sugar.
  • Organic beekeepers remove harmful varroa mites by hand, rather than with synthetic antibiotics.

Organic Garrigue liquid € 7,90 Organic Linden solid 450g € 8,00 Organic Lemon solid 450g € 8,00
Organic Mountain solid 450g € 8,20 Organic Orange Blossom € 8,90 Organic Clover € 8,90
Organic Chestnut liquid 450g € 9,00 Organic Acacia liquid 450g € 9,20 Organic apple blossom solid 450g € 12,80